by Swipe

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    releases April 17, 2017

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Dance like 1976
Driving through fog
Doll on the nose
Heroes of the Cold War


"This album is a very emotional response to the current state of the world - of Europe especially. I found myself feeling more European than I think I have ever felt in my life and this seemed to lead me to find a very particular set of synthetic sounds very appealing. Consequently, my starting point was a set of moods rather than the song structures I would usually start with. The words grew from the instrumentals and seemed to inhabit the soundscape - the doomed European setting, a battleground in the making. So we have haunted gun runners and pilots plunging to their deaths, clinging onto the voice of a Russian girl they could fall for - in this case, quite literally. Or we're driving through fog, not knowing where we're going, who or where we are. Or we're dancing like it's '76 - hoping the world will just go away, or at least that nostalgia will provide us with some kind of shelter from the storm, no matter how brief. The title song and the cover came as a kind of epiphany, almost simultaneously. I saw the photo of myself, aged 21 or so, staring out so hopefully at an imagined future, the brilliant blue of the mackerel sky behind me - 'where did those endless, hopeful summer skies go?'. And here I am, in that future. It looked a lot better back then, didn't it?" L.U.V. on y'all, Bob x


releases April 17, 2017

Recorded at Loft Hansa Studio, West London Dec 2016-Feb 2017. All songs written, performed & produced by Swipe. Cover photo by Helen, summer 1986.



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Swipe London, UK

Robert Swipe is a singer/songwriter/musician/producer based in West London. His previous releases include 'Madcap in the Attic', 'Bedroom Burlesque' and 'Urbane'.

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Track Name: Skyhorse
Where did those endless, hopeful sumer skies go?
Thunder roars on the horizon
A new sense of beauty

Skyhorse set me free

The things we think are solid they are not real
Totalitrarian ideals
A new sense of duty

Skyhorse set me free

Hooves and wings....
Monstrous things...

Let us go swimming in the summer sky now
While thunder roars on the horizon
A terrible beauty

Skyhorse set me free

Skyhorse set me free

Skyhorse set me free

Skyhorse set me free